Welcome to Texas Bass Couples

Tommy & Pam Busbee

4716 Tamarack Dr

May, Texas 76857

325-647-4116 or 325-217-8522

Schedule of Events
FRIDAY, October 2, 2015

LOCATON: Red River South Marina & Resort
They are located off Highway 71 south
5 miles south of the Jimmie Davis Bridge
250 Red River South Marina Road
Bossier City, LA 71112

TIME: 4:00PM
[Approximate Time Schedule]
4:00 – 5:30 Registration and Dinner
5:30 – 5:45 Introduction of Guests
5:45 – 6:45 Awards
“Team of the Year” by Regions
“Top Six Teams of the Year” by Regions “Big Bass of the Year” by Regions
6:45 – 7:45 Door Prizes [must be present to win]
****Lots of rods, reels, and other sponsor’s items.
7:45 – 8:00 Explanation of Rules/Questions
8:00 -10:00 Calcutta-remember CASH ONLY

SATURDAY, October 3, 2015


Live Well Check: Red River South Ramp
Must have livewell checked or you will be disqualified from that days tournament

TIME: Safe light (official time announced at banquet) Boat numbers will be called
****Trailering will NOT be allowed
Launch Fee required and Louisiana Fishing License required

WEIGH-IN: The Red River South Marina
Times will be according to the designated times on your boat number card you received at banquet.

SUNDAY, October 4, 2015


Live Well Check: The Red River South Marina
Must have livewell checked or you will be disqualified from that days tournament

TIME: Safe light (official time announced at banquet) Boat numbers will be called
****Trailering will NOT be allowed

WEIGH-IN: The Red River South Marina
Times will be according to the designated times on your boat number card you received at banquet.

YOU MUST BE IN LINE WITH YOUR FISH BY THE TIME DESIGNATED ON YOUR CARD—NO EXCEPTIONS, there will be a check in sheet to coordinate the times and flights.

ALL PLAQUES AND MONIES WILL BE AWARDED AFTER WEIGH-IN ON SUNDAY for the 2015 Texas Bass Couples Championship. Payback 1 in 5 places paid. Top 10 places awarded plaques at tournament and 10 places paid in Calcutta monies. (Based on 100 entries)


Tommy and I welcome you to the upcoming 2015 Texas Bass Couples Championship. Your commitment to Texas Bass Couples have made us an up and growing tournament trail.

If you have qualified with 250 points or fished 4 of the 6 tournaments we encourage you to attend the Championship. Your support is what makes it possible to have a Top notch Championship Tournament.
We look forward to being together with you October 2,3 & 4, 2015 for another GREAT Championship Tournament at the Red River.

The 2015 Texas Bass Couples, Field & Streams Sporting Goods, Hi-Way Auto Parts, Bonehead Tackle, Plano Marine, Easy Step System, Dobyns Rods, Lake Fork Tackle, Rod Sox, Lock-n-Haul, Reel Time Rods, Hag’s Tornado Baits, SALSA-HOLICS and Outdoor Specialties all of the TBC and local sponsors and the TBC Directors welcome and thank you for all your support in 2015.

This tournament is hosted and sponsored by The Shreveport Bossier Sports Commission, Red River South Marina & Resort and the Red River Waterway Commission. We know your visit will bring their city, chamber members and business owner’s goodwill. The Red River South Marina is the focal point of the weekend with the banquet, launch, boat numbers called and weigh-in all taking place at this one site.

Schedule of events include an Awards Banquet on Friday night and fishing hours Saturday and Sunday. All of the Fishing Hours and tournament information are received at the Banquet. If you miss the Banquet you must contact Tommy or Pam, Friday night to receive your information 325-647-4116 Tommy or 325-217-8522 Pam.
We have already received several entry fees for the Championship and want to remind you that we MUST receive your money $150 by September 19, 2015.
Please mail your money to:
Texas Bass Couples
4716 Tamarack Dr.
May, TX 76857.

Congratulations again for all of the hard work for 2015 and we will see you at the Championship. A Schedule of Events Packet will be mailed closer to the Event Date.
Tommy and Pam Busbee

 Warrior_Baits_Logo JPEG-1
Red River Championship Information from the Busbee’s / NEW NEW NEW Special Tourney Wednesday before Championship on weekend.


Please share this with your couples so they too can benefit from our trip. I know this is a little early and I will do a Championship Packet after the tournaments are finished, and we know who qualified.

Tommy and I made a trip to The Red River, Bossier City and we want to share some of the things we looked at and info we collected. It was fairly easy to get there; if we can do it ANYONE CAN DO IT!! I-20 to Exit 20C take Hwy 71 to the right and the marina turn off is about 10 miles down Hwy 71.There are all of your business needs up and down on Hwy 71—Brookshires, Kroger for groceries. Chicken E Zaxby’s Chicken, Taco Bell, Sam’s Seafood diner. Sonic, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut. CVS pharmacy for medical needs. Taste of China and African Hair Braiding if you feel the need for a NEW DO???

The Red River South Marina is all booked for the week and weekend of Oct 2, 3, and 4, 2015. Barbara will call if something comes open and we can let our couples know. They have public restrooms next to the pavilion and a public laundry next to the restrooms if you should need them. There is a $3.00 ramp fee and at the banquet she will offer a 2-day fee of $5.00and she will collect that at the banquet. They open at 6am but Sat/Sun they will open at 5am.

These are the Director Rooms that I know about: these directors will be helping with to make this Championship one of the best ever so be sure and Thank them when you see them.

Tommy/Pam Busbee Cabin 17 Red River Marina South

Tommie/Candra Deese Cabin 13 RRMS

Dalton/Carrie Cooley Cabin 16 RRMS

Jimmy/Chris Erwin Cabin 20 RRMS

Travis/Pat McCollough Cabin 21 RRMS

Butch/Cindy Scheppler Trailer 3 RRMS

The Banquet will be at the Red River South Marina under a large tent, with sidewalls for some protection, but it may be cool—rainy—or windy, in the parking lot, so be prepared. This is somewhat different from our normal banquet but the Sports Commission and Kelly Wells are really very good at what they do and express their belief that we will be more than satisfied with the set-up.

Launch and weigh in will be at The Red River Marina and they have a very large parking lot and will be able to hold every one there. We will call boat numbers from one of the walkways and live well checks will be at the ramp before you launch. We will have someone at the top of the road to direct you to the side you will launch from ( 4 lanes available). We have also decided to have a 12” minimum for the tournament. Be sure to pass this along to the couples.

There is a Louisiana Fishing License required and the marina suggests that you get the daily $5.00 permit before you get to the marina. Louisiana Wal-Mart’s, Academy and online is suggested to get them. The Relax Inn is 8 miles from marina at 3206 Hwy 71, the owner said you can park on the grass and stay hooked up to your boat if you want to. They are very accommodating and if you don’t have reservations yet, you better call. 318-746-0885 with room rates at $55.

Barksdale Air Force Base is on Hwy 71 also if you have any contacts to stay there. The base is 6 miles from marina on Hwy 71.

The Travel Lodge is off Hwy 71 at the Diamond Jacks Casino exit, about 13 miles from marina. Just after the red light on your right is the Hotel. Room rates are $68.99 plus tax per night. I do have some other names and phone numbers of different hotel motel sites, but most have limited parking and not boat friendly.

We found a great place for the RV couples. It is at Diamond Jacks Casino, just before you get to the covered parking turn left and it goes into the RV sites. $25 Sunday thru Thursday and $30 Friday and Saturday. Very safe and secure. I have a map of the 31 RV sites if you need it call me?? The RV Park number is 318-678-7661. They only had a few in the park when we were there, but I would not wait too long to make a reservation.

Yhe Red River Marina is on Hwy 71, and at the corner where you turn into the road leading to the marina is a Handi Mart. They have gas, liquor, etc. also a good place to eat called Murrell’s. We ate there several times and they seem to be excited for us to come.

We visited 3 of the 6 Casino’s, no we did not win!! Boomtown, Diamond Jack’s is at the same turnoff and Bass Pro Shops and Margaretville is just down to the next exit. We hope this helps getting you some info. We had a great time and the folks are very accommodating and friendly. Directors please encourage your couples to make arrangements to go to the Championship we will have a time of our lives.

Thanks for all of the support,

Tommy & Pam Busbee

2nd Annual Northeast Region Specialty Bait Tournament

Event: 2nd Annual Northeast Region Specialty Bait Tournament
When: Wednesday, September 30th
Place: Red River South Marina
Time: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Registration: Tuesday evening (probably at our trailer) and then Wednesday morning before the start of the tournament

3 Fish Limit…minimum 12 inches (since this is the rule for the Championship)

Cost: $10 per couple

Winner takes ALL!!!!!!

Info: We’ll get together Tuesday evening and anyone that wants to participate can put their “bait” of choice into the hat.
We will draw one bait and whatever that bait may be, will be the ONLY bait allowed in the tournament!!!! Last year it was a “jig”.
You can fish with any color and/or size, but you have to fish the whole tournament using that particular bait.
More info contact:
Butch Scheppler 214-244-4258 or Cindy Scheppler 21-926-4503



2014 Texas Bass Couples Championship Results





Photos from the 2014 Championship at Lake Palestine

2014_Championship__197 2014_Championship__196 2014_Championship__195 2014_Championship__194 2014_Championship__193 2014_Championship__192 2014_Championship__191 2014_Championship__190 2014_Championship__189 2014_Championship__188 2014_Championship__187 2014_Championship__186 2014_Championship__185 2014_Championship__184 2014_Championship__183 2014_Championship__182 2014_Championship__181 2014_Championship__180 2014_Championship__179 2014_Championship__178 2014_Championship__177 2014_Championship__176 2014_Championship__175 2014_Championship__174 2014_Championship__173 2014_Championship__172 2014_Championship__171 2014_Championship__170 2014_Championship__169 2014_Championship__168 2014_Championship__167 2014_Championship__166 2014_Championship__165 2014_Championship__164 2014_Championship__163 2014_Championship__162 2014_Championship__161 2014_Championship__160 2014_Championship__159 2014_Championship__158 2014_Championship__157 2014_Championship__156 2014_Championship__155 2014_Championship__154 2014_Championship__153 2014_Championship__152 2014_Championship__151 2014_Championship__150 2014_Championship__149 2014_Championship__148 2014_Championship__147 2014_Championship__146 2014_Championship__145 2014_Championship__144 2014_Championship__143 2014_Championship__142 2014_Championship__141 2014_Championship__140 2014_Championship__139 2014_Championship__138 2014_Championship__137 2014_Championship__136 2014_Championship__135 2014_Championship__134 2014_Championship__133 2014_Championship__132 2014_Championship__131 2014_Championship__130 2014_Championship__129 2014_Championship__128 2014_Championship__127 2014_Championship__126 2014_Championship__125 2014_Championship__124 2014_Championship__123 2014_Championship__122 2014_Championship__121 2014_Championship__120 2014_Championship__119 2014_Championship__118 2014_Championship__117 2014_Championship__116 2014_Championship__115 2014_Championship__114 2014_Championship__113 2014_Championship__112 2014_Championship__111 2014_Championship__110 2014_Championship__109 2014_Championship__108 2014_Championship__107 2014_Championship__106 2014_Championship__105 2014_Championship__104 2014_Championship__103 2014_Championship__102 2014_Championship__101 2014_Championship__100 2014_Championship__099 2014_Championship__098 2014_Championship__097 2014_Championship__096 2014_Championship__095 2014_Championship__094 2014_Championship__093 2014_Championship__092 2014_Championship__091 2014_Championship__090 2014_Championship__089 2014_Championship__088 2014_Championship__087 2014_Championship__086 2014_Championship__085 2014_Championship__084 2014_Championship__083 2014_Championship__082 2014_Championship__081 2014_Championship__080 2014_Championship__079 2014_Championship__078 2014_Championship__077 2014_Championship__076 2014_Championship__075 2014_Championship__074 2014_Championship__073 2014_Championship__072 2014_Championship__071 2014_Championship__070 2014_Championship__069 2014_Championship__068 2014_Championship__067 2014_Championship__066 2014_Championship__065 2014_Championship__064 2014_Championship__063 2014_Championship__062 2014_Championship__061 2014_Championship__060 2014_Championship__059 2014_Championship__058 2014_Championship__057 2014_Championship__056 2014_Championship__055 2014_Championship__054 2014_Championship__053 2014_Championship__052 2014_Championship__051 2014_Championship__050 2014_Championship__049 2014_Championship__048 2014_Championship__047 2014_Championship__046 2014_Championship__045 2014_Championship__044 2014_Championship__043 2014_Championship__042 2014_Championship__041 2014_Championship__040 2014_Championship__039 2014_Championship__038 2014_Championship__037 2014_Championship__036 2014_Championship__035 2014_Championship__034 2014_Championship__033 2014_Championship__032 2014_Championship__031 2014_Championship__030 2014_Championship__029 2014_Championship__028 2014_Championship__027 2014_Championship__026 2014_Championship__025 2014_Championship__024 2014_Championship__023 2014_Championship__022 2014_Championship__021 2014_Championship__020 2014_Championship__019 2014_Championship__018 2014_Championship__017 2014_Championship__016 2014_Championship__015 2014_Championship__014 2014_Championship__013 2014_Championship__012 2014_Championship__011 2014_Championship__010 2014_Championship__009 2014_Championship__008 2014_Championship__007 2014_Championship__006 2014_Championship__005 2014_Championship__004 2014_Championship__003 2014_Championship__002 2014_Championship__001

Here is a list of motels for the Championship 2015 Red River

  • Relax Inn 3206 Barksdale Bossier City (318) 746-0885
    Best Western Chateau Suite Hotel 201 Lake St Shreveport (318) 222-7620
    Comfort Suites Bossier City – Shreveport East 7950 E Texas Street Bossier City (318) 742-3444
    Courtyard by Marriott Shreveport Airport 6001 Financial Plaza Shreveport (318) 686-0880
    Fairfield Inn by Marriott Shreveport Airport 6245 Westport Ave Shreveport (318) 686-0102
    Hampton Inn & Suites Shreveport/Bossier City-North 2691 Viking Dr Bossier City (318) 841-9700
    Hilton Garden Inn Shreveport 5971 Financial Plaza Shreveport (318) 686-0148
    Hilton Garden Inn-Shreveport/Bossier City 2015 Old Minden Rd Bossier City (318) 759-1950
    Holiday Inn Express 5420 Interstate Dr Shreveport (318) 686-8328
    Holiday Inn Shreveport Airport West 5555 Financial Plaza Shreveport (318) 688-3000
    Homewood Suites by Hilton Shreveport-Bossier 2015 Old Minden Rd Bossier City (318) 759-1940
    Ramada Inn Shreveport Airport 5101 Westwood Park Dr Shreveport (318) 631-2000
    Residence Inn by Marriott – Shreveport 4910 W Monkhouse Dr Shreveport (318) 635-8000
    Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino Shreveport 315 Clyde Fant Pkwy Shreveport (318) 424-7777
    Springhill Suites at Louisiana Downs 8010 E Texas St Bossier City (318) 747-7772


OCTOBER 2-4, 2015
Championship Sponsor
Championship Sponsor
Championship Sponsor

rrwc logo 3-4-08 (3) (200x143)



Ranger Boats is pleased to support the 2015 Texas Bass Couples Tournament Trail. Ranger Boats will fund a Ranger Cup program. Ranger Boats agrees to pay $2000 to the Highest finisher, $1000 to the 2nd highest finisher and $500 to the 3rd highest finisher at the Championship Only if they are Ranger Cup compliant. It will be Texas Bass Couples responsibility to send winners name and pictures to Sherry Rush at Ranger Boats before payment will be made.


Skeeter Boat’s 2015 tournament program means Real Money for you. Winning the most while fishing the best just got easier! This year’s program is the largest contingency posting in Skeeter history. We’ve increased the payouts at grassroots events across the country. More Money in More Places makes Skeeter the leader in tournament fishing contingency postings.

Please Note: Online registration is per calendar year. By registering now, you will be registering for the 2015 Real Money Program.

The Real Money program is effective:
January 1 - December 31, 2015.


Plano Marine is going to offer a $2000 bonus for any one, in any region that buys a new Skeeter Boat from Plano Marine in Plano, between
1-1-15 and Oct. 4, 2015 and wins the Texas Bass Couples Championship.
For boats bought from Plano Marine prior to 1-1-15 and all used boats bought from Plano Marine we will offer a $500 incentive for winning the Texas Bass Couples Championship. The boat must be registered to the angler fishing out of it.


The Details

Win up to $10,000 in contingency, an unlimited number of times per year.

Program runs year-round, December 15, 2014 – December 31, 2015.

Double your hourly cash paybacks for 1st place hours in big bass events up to $500/hour.

Hourly contingencies paid per event are unlimited.

Entry is only $199.00 per year.

Registered owners of all Legend Boats year 2009 or newer qualify to register.


Run a Stratos® and you know what victory feels like. Join the Stratos 2X Tournament Incentive Program, and we'll double that sweetness. With every first-place finish, we'll match your cash prize up to $10,000. There's no signup fee. No membership dues. No restriction on model/motor pairings. No need to pre-register for each event.
If you own a qualifying Stratos, each time you take first place in a 2X Tournament we'll double your winnings up to $10,000—no matter how many qualifying wins you rack up during the year. It's our way of boosting your resources so you can pursue your passion for victory. If you're going to win, win big.